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ArcheAge: Unchained – Scarecrow Farms Guide

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Scarecrow Farms

Scarecrow farms are private farms which are a great thing to have in Archeage if you intend on doing any crafting requiring anything that can be grown, such as cooking or alchemy. Scarecrow farms are also a useful tool for growing crops just to sell for money. The only way to get a scarecrow farm in Archeage is to complete the relevant Blue Salt Brotherhood quests. Marine farm designs can, however, be bought on Mirage Island.


The first Blue Salt Brotherhood Quest to get a scarecrow farm becomes available when you hit level 30. It starts with Tasha in Halcyona, outside the Blue Salt Headquarters in Solisa. This questline will eventually give you an 8×8 scarecrow farm that you can place in designated zones.


Quests in this questline are the following;


  • -The Missing Messenger (Solis, Halcyona) – Find Heridon and report to him


  • -Judar’s Betrayal – Report to Lord Triate


  • -Infiltrating the Brotherhood


  • -The Merchant’s Way


  • -Rice Seed Delivery


  • -Guarding the Fields


  • -Wheat for Brewery


  • -Processing Ingredients


  • -Beer for Suns’ End


  • -Tonics and Tinctures


  • -Fearless Flowers


  • -Halcyona Pest Control – Kill Locust Grubs at Public Farm


  • -Earning Your Garden – Final mission that rewards you with a scarecrow design.


When you complete the final quest you get a scarecrow design, a lumber pack, and a couple of tax certificates. Everything you need to place your first scarecrow farm.


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