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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Useful Suggestions For New Players

11 October 2017, Wednesday, 18:58:52


Useful suggestions, Tips & Tricks

A few quick things that may prove useful to know when you start playing


Quick Save key binding
First of all when you either start the game or while you’re on the main menu, I would advise binding Quick save to a key you can hit frequently, as this game features a large amount of surprises and experimenting that may not always be in your favour, and it doesn’t really attempt to prevent you from wandering into higher level enemies either, which may cause a very quick demise for those who are unprepared or are simply lost in an area. The game isn’t exactly the easiest one straight out of the box anyway, so having an easy to use quicksave binding is a good idea.


Show world tooltips – Left Alt
Another useful thing to know is holding down the Left Alt key will give text-pop ups to nearby items that you can pick up, or interactable objects such as switches, levers and the like. You are free to pick up or interact with any items with White text pop-ups you like, while Red text pop-ups are still interactable and/or are items you can pick up, but the nearby people will likely not be best pleased if they see you doing this. Typically the average person will allow you two mistakes, and will get angry the third time, people with a worse disposition towards you may not even allow the two mistakes and just get angry and attack right away. You will also suffer an opinion penalty with the person who catches you each time.

For those people who want to change the above key binding, in the list it is called “Show World Tooltips.” Also please note that NOT all items pop up, but most of these simply have a value of 0, and are therefore expected to be uninteresting to the player.


The Hotbar
When you first start playing the game, your hotbar will have all the skills you took at character creation, as well as any racial skills you have access to automatically on it. Other than that it will probably have any consumables you have on you, or have picked up, and the basic attack binding in the 1st slot.

Now while this is personal preference, I would advise removing the basic attack binding from this slot, because while you are in combat, simply left clicking on the enemy will perform a basic attack on them. And while out of combat you only need to right click>attack on them.

The only time this binding is useful is when you’re trying to break an inanimate object with a great deal of Health. So you can just press 1>target>1>target>1>target and so on till it breaks.

So, to remove a skill, consumable or action from the hotbar, you simply click the lock icon next to the hotbar, and then drag it off the hotbar, gone. – Please note that doing with this skills does not un-memorise the skill, and if you want the memory slot back for a different ability you will need to remove it in the skill panel tab.


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