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Green Hell – Location to Unlock Blueprints

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Location to Unlock Blueprints

37’W 19’S – Camp guarded by four or five natives.


Unlock Smoker, tribal fire starter.




41’W 19’S – A tunnel leading to a cliff and generator-powered elevator


Unlock: Snare trap (nearby, in front of the tunnel)


Nearby resource: Molineria plants (4)



40’W 24’S – A nook near plane crash.


Unlock: Log bed.


Loot: Some food, coconut, obsidian stone, ash, charcoal.



46’W 26’S – Abandoned camp near the river with hammock.


Unlock: Stone ring, campfire, tribal firestarter, bone knife, cage trap (nearby).



52’W 17’S – Bamboo camp.


Unlock: Bamboo smoker, better torch, medium bamboo shelter, bow.


Nearby resource: Molineria plant, bamboo




51’W 19’S – Abandoned fishing dock with hammock.


Unlock: Water filter, fish trap, four-prong spear.


Loot: Some food.




51’W 28’S – Abandoned drug processing facility with sleeping bag.


Unlock: Water collector, killer trap (nearby).


Loot: Metal pot, some food, painkiller, rusty machete.


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