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Infinos Gaiden Cheats

22 January 2018, Monday, 17:08:29



CHALLENGE MODE / How to Unlock The Secret Stage

In this mode you can see hidden bosses, new stages and and have fun with competent missions. This is the best way to take advantage of Infinos Gaiden once you have completed it.


– STAGES 1-7: Finish these levels in the game to unlock them.

EX STAGE: Beat the game at least once. Play again the campaign. When you defeat the 6th boss, place your ship in the enemy sphere and a secret warp will appear. Complete this weird level to see the alternate ending and to unlock the EX STAGE in Challenge Mode.

– BOSS ATTACK: Complete all the previous challenges.

– LEGEND MODE (ALL-STAGE): Complete the BOSS ATTACK Challenge.

– SPECIAL STAGE 1: Complete the LEGEND MODE (ALL-STAGE) Challenge.

– SPECIAL STAGE 2: Complete the SPECIAL STAGE 1 Challenge.

– SPECIAL STAGE 3: Complete the SPECIAL STAGE 2 Challenge.

– SIN EXTRA STAGE: Complete the SPECIAL STAGE 3 Challenge.


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