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LEGO® The Incredibles – Elastigirl On The Case – Free Play Mode Walkthrough

9 July 2018, Monday, 19:23:09

Elastigirl On The Case – Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Destroy 10 eyeballs. All of them can be found in the hallway you sneak through in the beginning. It’s easiest just to ground pound a lot to destroy these. After destroying all 10, an eyeball bouncy ball will appear. Hop on it, then ride it through the stud trail to reveal this.


Canister 2: There are 5 silver screens to destroy. The first is to the left of the hallway you sneak through. The second is by the kitchen entrance. The third is by the entrance to the maze. The fourth is within the maze itself. The fifth is in the near right corner.


Canister 3: Play the arcade game in the kitchen, then blast the 5 gold ships that appear to receive this.


Canister 4: In the maze, this is hidden in the top. Push the shelf from the left side to reach it.


Canister 5: Follow the trail in the kitchen to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a washing machine, which will spit out the LEGO pieces for this.


Area 3: Canister 6: Fly above your starting point to a burning ledge. Put out the fires to reveal this.


Canister 7: After climbing up to the upper ledge, head to the left and crawl through the travel chute, then head up the stairs to the right to reach this.


Canister 8: After pushing down the generator to reveal LEGO pieces for a cannon, smash the cracked wall to reveal this.


Area 4: Canister 9: This can be found among the first set of boxes.


Area 5: Canister 10: Before hopping up the blocks, stretch through the vent to the right to reach this.


Minikit Vehicle: Micro Mike’s Car



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