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LEGO® The Incredibles – Vigilant Vigilantes – Story Mode Walkthrough

5 July 2018, Thursday, 6:57:34

Vigilant Vigilantes – Story Mode

Enemies: Thief
Starting Characters: Lucius Best (Vigilante), Bob Parr (Vigilante)
True Super: 95,000


1. Use the Incredible point on the right, then drink the water as Lucius to gain his ice powers. Put out the fires on the stairs, then head up. Continue to the right, timing your movements past the hot pipes, and a massive section of the floor will collapse. Use the super strength handle on the right to reveal a valve. Turn it to shut off the steam, then cross the beam. Switch back to Bob and turn the valve again, then hop across the pillars as Lucius. Head to the left and enter the room with the old lady, then drink the water to regain your ice powers. Push the wall to the right off the tiles, then head to the right and put out the fires. Smash through the cracked walls.



2. Head to the right, then smash the cracked wall to knock down the ceiling. Use the Incredible point to lift it up, then carry it to the right and throw it across the gap. Throw Lucius across the gap, then follow the button prompts and hop up the railing. Head to the right and press the button to call down the elevator. Unfortunately it will be broken, so hop up the wall instead. Head to the left and the floor will collapse. Drink the water, then use the freeze point on the left to create a bridge. Smash the cracked wall on the right, then continue to the right. You will need to collect 4 Incredibricks to complete the family build. Destroy the glowing piano to reveal a multi-build. Build the left object, then grab the bar as Lucius. Hit the button as bob to send Lucius up, then hop onto the balcony. Drink the water, then put out the fires on the right to reveal the first Incredibrick. Use the Incredible point to lift up the rubble, then use the freeze point to freeze it up. Use the super strength handle to reveal another Incredibrick. Build the right multi-build object to build a fan. Step on the button to activate it, then ride it up to the balcony. Turn the winch to lower the chandelier, then destroy it to reveal the third Incredibrick. Throw Lucius onto the railing in the back to grab the final Incredibrick. Complete the family build, then freeze the freeze point to construct a ball, ending the level.


Unlocked Characters: Bob Parr (Vigilante)
Lucius Best (Vigilante)



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