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Nioh: Complete Edition PC Keyboard Controls

5 November 2017, Sunday, 20:46:28


PC Keyboard Controls

This guide uses the default control type (Type A).

Control types can be changed in the Controls section of the System Menu.



WASD – Movement

UHN – Camera

J – Quick attack

I – Strong attack

K – Evade/Dash

L – Interact

Back space – Open Gesture Menu

Arrow Keys – Use shortcut

B – Lock-on

Shift (Left/Right) – Guard

Esc – Open Status Menu

Ctrl (Left/Right) – Toggle aim mode

Alt (Left/Right) and Enter – Switch item shortcuts / Shoot ranged weapon (Third Person View)

Space – Ki Pulse

Change stance (+I/J/K) Sheath weapon (+L)

Swap ranged weapons (+↑/↓) Swap melee weapons (+ ←/→)


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