Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – How to Win Guide

How to Win Guide

How to win consistently in TABG

So one of the most essential things in any battle royale game is knowing how to win games consistently. Yes, you can win by dropping 15 kills and rushing down half of the server; BUT that’s not very consistent. You need to be smart with your engagements and using your kit.



Knowing your playstyle

By playing a few games and experimenting in the shooting range you should already know what your playstyle is, but here’s a few common examples as well as my own.





If you’re an aggressive player, chances are you have good game sense, good aim and have quick reactions. Your kit should be an smg/shotgun with a pistol sidearm incase you run out of ammo or a strong melee weapon such as the Jarl Axe. The UMP is your best friend and you’re no stranger to a one-hit shotgun. While this playstyle is good for getting kills, it is usually inconsistent and rewards very little win rate.





You are more patient player. You cross your fingers for a scope whenever you walk into a building to crank onto that Kar98k or AWP you picked up at the start of the game. You’re smart with your kit and pick your engagements carefully, but often get caught off-guard when rushed down. This is a good playstyle, but you usually aren’t the best with close-range engagements.





This is probably the best playstyle for consistent wins. You place your shots carefully and are a patient player. Don’t waste grenades or ammo, pick your fights that you know you will win and have immediate cover before launching bullets from the chamber.

Useful tips for winning in TABG:


  • -Drop at low-population areas, far from the truck path.


  • -Be quick; loot essentials first and try to clear your loot area before going back for grenades and meds.


  • -Be aware. Take a look at the circle and determine where players might be. For example, staying near the ring will ensure you won’t get shot from behind, but adds the risk of someone already being set-up near the centre of the safe-zone.


  • -Be smart. Take fights when you have cover and ammo to win the fight. If you have an SMG and they’re far away, don’t shoot.


Good luck in your games.


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